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The SPG Starter toolkit contains everything that a Plumbing, HVAC, or Electrical business needs to begin increasing revenue and profit today!

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Original price was: $979.00.Current price is: $259.00. for 1 month

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Are you facing any of these challenges?

Do you feel like you're maximizing your team's potential?

The one on one, deep dive meeting included in the Starter Toolkit helps you track and analyze your teams performance and exposes strong points and areas of improvement. You will learn the financial potential of your company.

Do you feel like you're busy running calls but not making the money you should be?

The budget review that’s included with the Starter Toolkit will show how to be properly priced and operate in a financially efficient manner.

Do you know what KPIs are and how to implement them?

The Starter Toolkit will teach you industry specific KPIs and show you how to use them to run your business.

Are you using your KPI's to train your team effectively?

Through the live, operational excellence webinar series included with the Starter Toolkit, you will learn how to laser focus your training based on your current KPIs.

Are your conversion ratios where they need to be?

The Starter Toolkit will show your techs to understand their numbers and have clear goals they can reach.

Is your team on the same page with clear goals?

Consistent improvement depends on clear goals. Is your team culture moving towards that goal?

Profit margins dissapoint even with solid revenue?

The Starter Toolkit will show you how to operate within the margins making you more financially effective. Volume is vanity, profit is sanity!

Do you have a proven service system that your Techs run on every call?

The on-line courses included with the starter toolkit will give you a proven service system that we call, The Ultimate Service Call.

A new, high value, accountability, engagement-based approach to increase your net profit.

Discover how our members are
increasing their net profit.


The SPG Starter Toolkit gives you proactive steps to begin implementing immediately, including 1-month of free access to our premium Members portal. Our Starter Toolkits include:

  • 1 on 1 Business Vital Statistics Meeting ($300 value)
  • 1 on 1 Business Roadmap and Billable Hour Discovery ($300 value)
  • Customized KTI Set Up ($100 value)
  • Online Training Videos ($495 value)
  • 3 Operational Excellence Webinars ($600 value)
  • 2 Accountability Networking Meetings with the SPG Team ($200 value)
  • PACE Service Delivery System
    ($100 value )
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The Starter Toolkit is a one of a kind detailed road map to start tracking your numbers and immediately begin improving your business and net profits.

Trust in your numbers. They don’t lie. Your Starter Toolkit isn’t the magic bullet, but it will give you clear, tangible, and actionable insight into your company’s strengths, areas needing improvement, conversion ratios, and much, much more.

Original price was: $979.00.Current price is: $259.00. for 1 month

What sets our Starter Toolkit apart:


It is Actionable

Go beyond the numbers and take action

Traditional KPI’s

Traditional Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), are the metrics that shape financial outcome for your business.

Important? Yes.

Actionable? No. This is where you need KTI’s.

Our Supercharged KTI’s

We take KPI’s, to the next level. Ready?

A Key Training Indicator (KTI) serves as a tool for highlighting areas requiring improvement and provides valuable insights for refining the focus of your training efforts.

Our KTI’s provide a clear, visual representation of your Technicians numbers, strengths, areas needing improvement, conversion ratios, and more.

Know exactly where your Techs are already excelling and give the kudos they deserve.

See where your Techs need training and invest in that in a focused, proactive approach.


It works immediately

Solutions you can start implementing today:

Track your Tech's Daily Stats

Track Team and Individual Stats

Identify Training Indicators

Give you Techs Measurable Goals

Build a Stronger Team Culture

Visual Reinforcement of Company Goals


So much value, it’s a no-brainer.

Resources, Training, Plus a Built-in
Accountability Partner

Your customized one-on-one training gives you the maximum benefit from your Starter Toolkit. You will learn how to implement your KTI Board, how to track, measure, and analyze your numbers, and immediately begin improving your business. We are your partner in accountability to make sure you get the most out of your Toolkit.

Customized One on One Trainings
Training Webinars


But wait… There’s more:

SPG Premium Level Membership

Added bonus

One month of our Premium Membership, a $979 value!

What you get with the Premium Membership:

  • Hassle free membership with no hidden cost
  • Personalized Business Review Call
  • Weekly training & accountability sessions
  • Technician training videos
  • CSR training videos
  • Management training videos
  • Digital KTI Board
  • Business calculators

Original price was: $979.00.Current price is: $259.00. for 1 month

Our customers love this new approach

Running a Business, not just In-Business...

I never knew my numbers. I didn't even know what numbers to look for before I started working with the Service Profit Group. Now I feel I'm starting to run a business - not just in-business.

Scott Reisack

Owner, EZ-Flow

Plumbing Services, Inc.

Celebrating a Record-Month...

WOW, 2 weeks ago I took the team out for lunch and gave them 1/2 day off with pay to celebrate a record month in June. We crushed that record this month. Thank you SPG team!!! We would not be at this place without YOU GUYS!

Randy Jones


Trustworthy Electric

Our commitment to you:

We’re passionate about business owners increasing their profit.

We stand behind our commitment to you and the value that our Starter Toolkit provides. With the value-added Free 1-Month SPG Premium Membership we include, it practically pays for itself.

We offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the starter toolkit within 30 days, we will refund 100% of your money. You keep the KTI board on us.

We are here to help you succeed and increase your net profit. Period.

Original price was: $979.00.Current price is: $259.00. for 1 month